Insight into the Creative Process

At the core of SS&E’s mission is a commitment to “quality, value and community”. The creative component of designing menus must align with those principles and is essential to carrying out the mission of bringing “quality meal offerings” and “being a source of nourishment for (its) patrons”. The imaginative phase of creating crowd-pleasing ‘One Pan Meals’ is guided directly by these values.

A relevant ‘One Pan Meal’ must check off all the boxes. Look at one of newest offerings: Chicken Alfredo Bake. First, it is a full meal, easily heated in the oven and designed to portion directly to your family’s dinner plates. Of course, we encourage enhancing the dining experience with a healthy salad and warmed bread, both complementary to the alfredo main dish. You’ll know what will enrich the dining experience for your group, but we’ve equipped you with the core item that brings people around the table! Second, it must be wholesome and delicious – a made ‘from scratch’ recipe. Ziti works particularly well for a pasta entrée. It is hearty but accepts the sauce and other ingredients well. The sauce base is a classic béchamel, one of the five French ‘master’ sauces. The technique then incorporates egg yolks, several grated varieties of cheese, white pepper (desired for sauces), and freshly grated nutmeg. There is nothing quite like freshly grating a nutmeg seed into an alfredo sauce. Its unmistakable in fragrance on its own but blends into the sauce and sits far in the background in the finished dish. Lastly, a ‘One Pan Meal’ must be of value. At $19 for a small order of Chicken Alfredo Bake your meal prepared from fresh ingredients without any processed food ingredients or preservatives is comparable to taking the fam through the drive thru of a fast food establishment these days. Additionally, the convenience factor is tremendously valuable. The delivery component has always been ‘cost of doing business’ for SS&E. Bringing the meal to you and assisting you provide nourishment for your family hits on all the metrics: quality, value and community.

Fortunately, the creative process is not done in a vacuum. SS&E encourages our patrons to be a part of the process by suggesting meals that you’d like to see in the rotation, commenting on social media, and sharing your experiences with others. Send a quick email or request more information through the website…custom designed experiences like catering for special events is also a way we can partner with you

Look for the Chicken Alfredo Bake as a regular ‘One Pan Meal’ and let us know how SS&E can better serve you and yours!

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