One Pan Meal / Store Front

 No delivery this week! 

We will have a few select Quiches in store today for the weekend! Watch for an additional email on Monday about some Memorial Day Options for you next week! 

We will have a few Quiches in store today for your weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner! Stop by today we are here until 4.

Mamey’s Signature Salad Bar is ready for you to design your favorite lunch or dinner salad! We have several core selections this week ready for pick up at lunch time on Monday! One Pan Meals and made-from-scratch signature lunches, features, salads and the Famous ‘Mamey’s Chicken Salad’ are ready to take home, cook, and serve. Core staples will be available from the freezer to thaw and heat, with instructions on everything making dinner planning a breeze. Mamey’s always has your back with quick and delicious home cooked meals to feed your tribe…all with instructions to make it a snap!

Don’t forget the Chicken Salad, it’s a Mamey’s staple! We have a 1/2 quart for $9 ($9.63 with tax) and a Full Quart for $16 ($17.12 with tax). This Amazing Chicken Salad starts with roasting Chicken Breast, pulling and combining with chopped pecans, diced celery, halved red grapes, and of course, Dukes Mayonnaise!

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